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RIG 02 Hydrapower Scout V

Hydrapower Scout V

Precision Drilling Australia’s PDR 02 Hydrapower Scout drill rig is mounted on a 4×4 Hino GT Truck.

The rig has a regular monthly maintenance inspection, which is recorded on a schedule and kept with the machine.

The drill rig is fully equipped for all aspects of Geotechnical, Exploration and Environmental drilling projects.

Rig Overview – Hydrapower Scout V

Truck Year 2009

Rig Year 2009

Truck Type Hino GT 4×4

Rig Specifications

Engine: Cummins Power Pack

Rotary Drive :Two Speed, 0–150rpm & 0–800rpm

Winch Lines : 3  ( 4* 780kg & 1* 4.2t )

Pull Down Capacity: 4.4t

Mast :6800mm

Breakout Table: Solid Type Table

Breakout Spanner: Hydraulic

Rig Capability

Drilling Type: Exploration, Geotechnical & Environmental

Solid Augers: 100mm & 150mm

Wash Boring: P, H & N (75 – 150mm)

Wire line Coring: PQ3, HQ3 & NQ3

Air Drilling : 150mm

SPT Hammer: Yes

Testing: SPT/U50/U75/U100


Rod/Auger Guard: Yes

Emergency Stop: 4

Spill Kit: Yes

Fire Extinguishers: Yes

First Aid/Snake Bite Kit: Yes

Specifications and Dimensions

Width: 2,500mm

Length: 8950mm

Weight: 15,500kg

Height mast up: 6,800mm

Height mast down: 3,800mm

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