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Qualified water bore drilling & installation across Perth & WA.

Water Bores Perth

Precision Drilling Australia offers licensed, quality water bore drilling and installation, to suit all property types across Western Australia.

Water is a precious resource, especially in the dry climate of Perth, Western Australia. If you’re looking to secure a sustainable and cost-effective water source for your residential or commercial property, installing a water bore is the answer.

Whether it’s a residential, rural, off-grid, or commercial setting, we possess the right equipment for the task. Our qualified team puts customer service first. Our straightforward process is not only safe but also minimises disruption to your property.

Perth garden water bore, close up of sprinkler watering lawn

Benefits of Water Bores

Approximately 75 million kilolitres of scheme water is used on gardens across Perth each year. Installing a water bore presents an opportunity to reduce water use, saving money and alleviating water shortages.

Precision Drilling expertly drill water bores to achieve the ideal depth, ensuring maximum water yield to meet the precise irrigation system demands. Whether it’s a bore into the Superficial aquifer, rocky terrains, or a deeper bore, our goal is to establish a sustainable and reliable bore water supply.

Some key benefits to a water bore include:

Sustainability Water bore drilling taps into underground aquifers, providing a reliable source of water that is less vulnerable to drought conditions. You can have peace of mind knowing you are reducing your reliance on conventional water sources.
Cost Efficiency With dwindling water supplies, water prices are on the rise. A water bore can significantly lower your water bills, making it a wise long-term investment.
Independence Gain control over your water supply. No more restrictions or water shortages – your bore ensures a consistent water source year-round.
Environmental Benefits Utilising underground water reserves minimises the strain on surface water bodies, helping preserve local ecosystems.

Leading Perth Drilling Company

At Precision Drilling Australia, our team of water bore drillers possesses extensive experience handling diverse soil types, depth variations, and is proficient in employing a comprehensive range of equipment, techniques, and methodologies for water bore installations in Perth.

From drilling garden bores into the rugged terrain of the Perth Hills to installing bores in the flatlands, we have the capability to achieve the desired depth.

Additionally, all our drillers are certified by the Australian Drilling Industry Association, ensuring the highest standards of expertise and professionalism in our services.

Facing challenging terrain? Not an issue. Our skilled team specialises in drilling in areas with limited or complex access.

We provide tailored water bore solutions to suit your individual requirements. Our dedication to customer satisfaction, coupled with our technical proficiency, positions us as the preferred provider for bore drilling services in Perth and throughout Western Australia.

Our unique position in the industry stems from:
  • A team of experienced professionals adept in bore drilling
  • Variety of drill sizes for diverse project demands
  • A track record of delivering precise and reliable drilling results

Why Choose Precision Drilling for Your Water Bore Drilling?

At Precision Drilling Australia, we are committed to delivering top-tier water bore drilling services to our clients in Perth and beyond.

Your satisfaction is our priority. We work closely with you throughout the process, from initial consultation to project completion.

Our expertise, experience, and dedication set us apart:

Cutting-Edge Technology We employ the latest drilling technologies and equipment, ensuring precision and efficiency in every project.
Expert Team Our skilled team of drilling professionals has years of experience in the industry, guaranteeing the best results for your project.
Local Knowledge With a deep understanding of Perth's geological conditions, we can pinpoint the most suitable locations for your water bore.
Regulatory Compliance We adhere to all local regulations and environmental standards, ensuring that your bore is installed correctly and legally.

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Ready to harness the benefits of water bore drilling in Perth or Western Australia? Contact Precision Drilling Australia for a tailored quote. Our expert team ensures a sustainable, cost-effective water source for your property, with minimal disruption. Embrace independence and efficiency with our top-tier water bore services. Get in touch now and take the first step towards a reliable water supply!

Frequently asked questions

Browse our list of frequently asked questions, or contact us to find out more.

It depends on the depth of water at your property. Depth to water is partly related to how high you are above sea level so high on a hill generally costs more and down low generally costs less. we can tell you the price quite accurately, without even visiting the site by accessing the data on the Perth Groundwater Atlas.

Roughly though, water bores in Perth coastal plane generally range in price from $3,500 to $9,000 as a finished project. Most Perth bores are at the lower end of this price range between $4,000 and $4,700. Differences in water bore cost include pump size and type, depth to water, and access considerations.

Contact Precision Drilling for a quote on your Perth water bore today.

Yes. The August 2011 Department of Water Operational guidelines 5.17 states:

“Are there any fees or charges for metropolitan garden bores? There are no fees or charges payable to the department for allowing construction or use of a garden bore.”

Yes. Many clients without access to mains scheme water drink bore water. It is most important though to have it tested regularly by an accredited laboratory to ensure suitability for drinking.

It surely brings a smile to our faces when we can back a drilling rig up on a nice flat front lawn but we understand that this isn’t always possible.

We have smaller rigs for tight spots, 4WD drive drilling rigs for difficult terrain, and even track-mounted rigs often available for when the going gets really tough in sloping sandy sites.

Sometimes the only location to drill is in the driveway with the borehead nicely finished off with a trafficable lid. It is best if the position selected is as close as practical to the proposed electrical power connection.

Of course, we also have to avoid underground services such as Telstra, gas, water, and sewerage. We must also be clear of overhead obstructions to accommodate the mast of the drilling rig.

It’s always a good feeling when we hit water!

After we celebrate, the water bore is cased with PVC, gravel packed and grouted. The water bore is then airlifted and salinity tested.

There will be 50cm of PVC above ground. You will require the supply and installation of a borehole pump to access water, provided by a third party.

Upon completion of the drilled water bore, you will be sent a final invoice within 48 hours.

Once payment is received, a bore log is submitted to you will be provided with a copy.

This contains important information that your pump manufacturer will utilise to design a pump that suits your water bore.

Unfortunately, we don’t always hit water, especially in the Perth Hills and Wheatbelt area. The hole is backfilled with drill cuttings and the top of the hole is cemented. The finished hole looks like a circle of concrete in the ground.

Upon completion of the water bore, you will be sent a final invoice within 48 hours. Once payment is received, a bore log is submitted to the Department of Water, and you will be provided with a copy.

The drilling or “water boring” of most Perth bores is completed in a day. Some elevated positions like near the water towers in City Beach and Kardinya and the Perth Hills require quite deep bores and consequently, the drilling may spread over a couple of days.

Drilling a bore hole will produce several cubic metres of spoil. This can be captured by having a skip bin on site to put the waste straight into waste could be sand, clay, rock chips.

We run above ground mud tank to recirculate the drilling fluid and cutting when drilling on the Perth coastal plane limiting the impact of waste. When drilling in the Perth Hills a downhole hammer is used with a  compressor to inject air that will produce muddy water.

An environmentally friendly solution is used to help break down the debris which results in a large amount of foam. This foam will naturally biodegrade over a few days. Our drilling crew will do their best to contain the foam and muddy water as much as possible.

Noise – we recommend advising your neighbours that drilling will be taking place as a compressor will be running throughout the drilling process. There will also be dust and vibration.

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