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Precision Drilling Australia stands as one of Perth’s premier environmental drilling companies.

Our thorough process, unparalleled customer support, and advanced technology have earned us a reputation for excellence. We are now recognised as one of the most trusted environmental drilling contractors in Western Australia.

Environmental drilling Perth, WA.

What is Environmental Drilling

Environmental Drilling is the process of obtaining soil or groundwater samples to evaluate potential contamination in each area and to determine the suitability of the environment for various activities, such as mining and construction.

This information is used to develop strategies for managing and mitigating the environmental risks of any activity in the area. Environmental drilling can, for example, identify the presence of underground aquifers.

This specialised drilling service is also deployed when installing groundwater monitoring or remediation wells to address and treat polluted groundwater.

Utilising innovative environmental and geotechnical drilling techniques, our skilled professionals operate advanced environmental drilling rigs to ensure accurate and efficient sampling with the least possible damage to our environment.

What types of Environmental Drilling services are used?

Environmental drilling can include a number of drilling and probing techniques, including water bore drilling, hollow-stem auger drilling, and direct-push or probe sampling.

Water bore drilling Water bore drilling is a rotary drilling system that is used to drill overburden sands, earth, gravels, cobbles, and rock formations to depth. These holes also allow the installation of monitoring instruments and testing equipment.
Hollow-stem auger Hollow-stem auger drilling is a method that uses flight-style augers with hollow centres to drill soils to depth. Soil samples are obtained by periodically driving hollow spoons down the inside of the hollow augers ahead of the cutting bit.
Direct-push, or soil probing Direct-push, or soil probing, is a basic sampling method whereby a hollow sample tube is driven by either high-pressure pushes or a high-speed hammer.

Why do we do Environmental Drilling?

We perform environmental drilling throughout Perth and WA for several reasons, ranging from groundwater contamination monitoring and sampling, to removing waste, and stabilizing boreholes.

The list of applications of environmental drilling includes:
  • Installing monitoring wells to measure the quality of groundwater in situations where contamination is suspected or known.
  • Installing recovery wells to pump and treat contaminated water.
  • Collecting water, soil and gas samples for analysis.
  • Installing monitoring wells to abstain if contaminated water from holding tailing dams is seeping through dam earth walls and contaminating watercourses.
  • Stabilizing borehole areas.
  • Removing waste.
  • Multiport well installation to sample groundwater at closely spaced intervals for investigations and remediation systems.
  • Decommissioning of wells.

Groundwater Monitoring Wells

Maintain a Safe Water Source With Groundwater Monitoring

Groundwater monitoring wells are essential in protecting your mining operations and the surrounding environment. They offer real-time data on groundwater levels and quality, enabling early contamination detection and preventing potential environmental disasters. Precision Drilling specialises in drilling and installing these wells, ensuring the continuous monitoring of your water resources.

Drilling Techniques for Ground Monitoring Wells

At Precision Drilling, we employ the recommended techniques to create reliable groundwater monitoring wells tailored to your specific needs:

Hollow Auger Drilling Our team utilises hollow auger drilling, a precise method that minimises sample disturbance, making it ideal for monitoring groundwater quality.
Sonic Methods We leverage sonic drilling methods for enhanced efficiency, speed, and minimal waste generation. This technique provides accurate and high-quality well installations.
Mud Rotary Drilling We employ mud rotary drilling when dealing with challenging geological formations, ensuring the successful installation of monitoring wells in varying soil conditions.

Our Capabilities

Precision Drilling takes pride in our capabilities that set us apart from the competition:

Powerful Environmental Drilling Rig Our cutting-edge drilling rig is designed for environmental and geotechnical drilling. It ensures efficient and precise well installations, even in the most challenging terrains.
Experienced Environmental Drilling Contractor Our team comprises seasoned professionals with a deep understanding of environmental drilling needs. They bring decades of experience and expertise to every project, ensuring top-notch results.
Legal Standard Drilling Techniques Precision Drilling follows all legal standards and regulations governing environmental drilling. We prioritise safety, environmental compliance, and quality in all our operations.

What Sets Precision Drilling Apart?

When it comes to environmental drilling services in Perth, Precision Drilling stands out for several reasons. As one of the leading environmental drilling companies in Perth, we are committed to continuing to provide unparalleled drilling services.

Our team possesses over 25 years of combined experience in the mining industry. We understand the unique challenges and requirements of mining operations, making us your ideal partner. We’ve worked with various mining companies to fulfil their drilling operations.

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Groundwater monitoring wells safeguard water sources against environmental harm and contamination. Precision Drilling offers the expertise, advanced drilling capabilities, and unwavering commitment to environmental compliance that your operation demands.

With our 25 years of combined experience in the mining industry, we are your trusted partner for all your environmental and geotechnical drilling needs. Contact us today to ensure the safety and sustainability of your water source.

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