Groundwater Monitoring Wells Services

Protecting Water Sources with Monitoring Well Installations

In Western Australia, maintaining the quality and availability of groundwater is crucial, especially with the expansion of mining activities. Precision Drilling is your trusted partner in providing comprehensive groundwater monitoring well services. We ensure accurate data collection and monitoring to protect your water sources from potential contamination and depletion.

Ensuring Safe Water with Groundwater Monitoring Wells

Groundwater monitoring wells are essential tools for safeguarding mining operations and the surrounding environment. These wells offer real-time data on groundwater levels and quality, enabling early detection of contamination and facilitating timely responses to prevent environmental disasters. Precision Drilling specialises in the precise installation and maintenance of these wells, ensuring your water resources are continuously monitored.

Advanced Drilling Techniques for Monitoring Wells

At Precision Drilling, we employ state-of-the-art drilling techniques to create reliable groundwater monitoring wells tailored to your specific needs. Our methods include:

Hollow Stem Augers Utilising hollow stem augers, we achieve minimal sample disturbance, making this method ideal for monitoring groundwater quality accurately. This technique ensures precise and efficient well installations, even in challenging soil conditions.
Sonic Drilling Methods Sonic drilling provides enhanced efficiency, speed, and minimal waste generation. This method ensures high-quality well installations, making it an excellent choice for various geological formations.
Mud Rotary Drilling When dealing with challenging geological formations, we employ mud rotary drilling. This technique ensures the successful installation of monitoring wells, regardless of soil conditions, providing reliable access to groundwater resources.

Our Capabilities and Expertise

Powerful Environmental Drilling Rig Our cutting-edge environmental drilling rig is designed to handle geotechnical and environmental drilling projects. This equipment ensures efficient and precise well installations, even in the most demanding terrains.
Experienced Environmental Drilling Contractors Our team comprises seasoned professionals with extensive experience in environmental drilling. With over 25 years of combined expertise in the mining industry, we understand the unique challenges and requirements of mining operations, ensuring top-notch results for every project.
Compliance with Legal Standards Precision Drilling adheres to all legal standards and regulations governing environmental drilling. We prioritise safety, environmental compliance, and quality in all our operations, ensuring your project meets all regulatory requirements.

Why Choose Precision Drilling?

As a leading environmental drilling company in Perth, Precision Drilling stands out for its commitment to excellence and reliability. Our team’s extensive experience in the mining industry ensures that we understand the specific needs of your operations. We provide unparalleled drilling services that meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

Our Unique Advantages
  • Over 25 Years of Combined Experience: Our team’s extensive experience in the mining industry ensures we understand the unique challenges and requirements of your operations.
  • Advanced Drilling Techniques: We employ the latest drilling methods to ensure accurate and efficient well installations.
  • Commitment to Compliance: We adhere to all legal standards and regulations, prioritising safety and environmental compliance.

Comprehensive Groundwater Monitoring Services

Monitoring Well Installation Our expert team ensures the precise installation of monitoring wells tailored to your site’s specific needs. Using advanced techniques, we minimise disturbance to the groundwater and surrounding environment.
Groundwater Quality Monitoring We provide continuous monitoring of groundwater quality to detect any potential contamination early. This allows for swift responses to protect your water sources from environmental harm.
Measuring Groundwater Levels Accurate measurement of groundwater levels is essential for managing water resources. Our monitoring wells provide reliable data to help you make informed decisions about water usage and conservation.
Sampling and Laboratory Analysis We offer comprehensive groundwater sampling services, ensuring accurate data collection for laboratory analysis. This data is crucial for assessing groundwater quality and identifying any contaminants present.
Preventing Cross Contamination To ensure the integrity of groundwater samples, we employ methods that prevent cross contamination. Our techniques include the use of hollow stem augers and other advanced drilling and sampling methods used to maintain sample purity.
Maintenance and Repair Services Regular maintenance of monitoring wells is essential to ensure their long-term functionality. We provide ongoing maintenance and repair services to keep your monitoring systems in optimal condition.

Custom Solutions for Your Groundwater Monitoring Needs

Regular Maintenance and Inspections
Repairing Damaged Monitoring Wells
Upgrading Monitoring Systems

Ensuring Water Quality in Western Australia

Precision Drilling is committed to protecting groundwater resources in Western Australia. Our advanced drilling techniques and expert team ensure the accurate monitoring and protection of your water sources. Trust us to provide the reliable services you need to maintain safe and sustainable groundwater supplies.

Frequently Asked Questions


A monitoring well is a structure drilled into the ground to access groundwater for sampling and measurement purposes. It allows for the monitoring of groundwater levels, quality, and flow over time, providing essential data for environmental and resource management.


The depth of monitoring wells varies depending on the specific requirements of the site and the aquifers being monitored. They can range from a few metres to several hundred metres deep, ensuring they reach the appropriate groundwater levels for accurate monitoring.


Sampling a monitoring well involves using specialised equipment to collect groundwater samples from the well. The process typically includes purging the well to remove stagnant water and then using a pump or bailer to retrieve fresh samples for laboratory analysis.


A monitoring well is used to observe and collect data on groundwater conditions, while a recovery well is designed to extract groundwater, often for remediation purposes. Recovery wells are used to remove contaminated groundwater or to lower groundwater levels in a specific area.


Groundwater is monitored by measuring water levels, collecting samples for quality analysis, and tracking changes over time. This involves using monitoring wells equipped with instruments to record data and ensure continuous observation of groundwater conditions.


While both monitoring wells and piezometers are used to measure groundwater levels, piezometers are typically smaller in diameter and designed specifically to measure the pressure and depth of groundwater in confined aquifers. Monitoring wells, on the other hand, provide broader data on groundwater quality and flow.

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