Earthing & Anode Drilling

The Earth & Anode Drilling Specialists

Precision Drilling specialises in earth rod drilling, earth core drilling and installation for Cathodic Protection, and Anode Protection. As a leading earth drilling company in Australia, we are an accredited earthing contractor servicing a large range of industries from Mining, Oil, and Gas, Construction and Infrastructure, and a contractor to many other large organisations.

If your project requires an earth rod drilling machine and/or installation, our professional team is the premier choice for earth drill hire in Australia. Contact Precision Drilling today and speak to our experienced earth stake drilling team on how we can help you meet your earthing requirements.

Purpose-Built Earth & Anode Drilling Rigs

Precision Drilling has successfully developed a range of earth drill machines specifically designed for the drilling and installation of earthing rods. Through broad field experience, our company understands that earth drills must have the ability to utilised in inaccessible locations and low headroom locations.

The specialist team at Precision Drilling has the equipment to install all components of the in-ground earth stake system to suit the client’s requirements, with either copper or stainless steel earth rod options. We also provide full testing to ensure accurate results for our clients. Our earth rod drilling and installation service are available for power stations, power poles, substations/transformers, and building earthing.

We get in and out of your site quickly, are flexible with your time schedule, and ensure that the site is left without damage and well looked after.

Earth Stake Installation and Drilling Services

With over 10 years of valuable industry experience, we offer a versatile range of services to suit your needs. If you’re considering earth drill hire for a specific project or need a comprehensive earth drilling solution, connect with us today to discuss your project.

We offer a comprehensive range of quality earth stake installation and drilling services including:

Earthing Installations and Testing
Deep Earth Drilling to 150 metres
Earth Resistance Testing
Anode Protection
Cathodic Protection
Geothermal drilling

Earth Drill Hire and Earthing Rod Drilling Machine Options

At Precision Drilling, we understand that not all projects require long-term investments in earth drilling equipment. That’s why we offer flexible earth drill hire options in Australia, enabling clients to access advanced earth drilling machinery without the large upfront costs. From simple earth drills to specialised earthing rod drilling machines, we ensure your project has the equipment it needs.

Should your project involve drilling into earth at considerable depths, our deep drill earthing services are well-equipped to manage the task. We pride ourselves on our modern fleet of earth drill machines that can meet the demands of any project size, ensuring each task is executed with accuracy and efficiency.

Our commitment to providing top-tier earth drilling services across Australia makes us a reliable partner in your endeavours. Please contact our professional team today for further information on our earth drilling services and earth drill hire options.

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With experience in all aspects of Exploration, Geotechnical, Environmental drilling, and Hydro and Water Well Drilling, we are here to look after our clients in a professional, ethical, and reliable manner, while maintaining safe, environmentally responsible practices.

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