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What is Diamond Core Drilling?

In the exploration and mining industry, perhaps no piece of equipment has revolutionized the field as much as the invention of diamond drilling.

Named for its use of diamond drill bits, is a highly efficient and precise method of obtaining core samples from the earth’s subsurface layers, while eliminating the risk of cracking or damaging the surrounding surface or structure.


PRECISION AND ACCURACY Diamond core drilling uses industrial-grade diamond-embedded drill bits, which allow for highly accurate and precise drilling. Diamond drilling contractors use state-of-the-art diamond drilling rigs to extract core samples with minimal damage to the surrounding materials, ensuring an intact representation of the geological formation.
REDUCED NOISE AND VIBRATION As diamond core drilling requires less force than traditional drilling methods, it generates significantly less noise and vibration. This not only makes for a more environmentally friendly option but also reduces potential disruptions to nearby communities or structures.
ENHANCED SPEED AND EFFICIENCY Diamond core drilling offers faster drilling speeds compared to conventional methods, resulting in quicker project completion times. This efficiency is particularly beneficial for diamond core drilling companies in Perth, as they can effectively manage and execute multiple projects simultaneously.
VERSATILITY AND FLEXIBILITY Diamond drill rigs can be used for both surface and underground diamond drilling applications. This flexibility allows diamond drilling contractors to cater to a wide range of industries, including mining, construction, and environmental studies.
MINIMAL DEBRIS PRODUCTION Diamond drilling generates minimal debris and waste, providing a cleaner and more sustainable drilling solution. This reduces the overall environmental impact and clean-up efforts needed after drilling is completed.
COST EFFECTIVE By opting for diamond core drill hire, businesses can save on the costs associated with purchasing and maintaining drilling equipment. This cost-effective solution is ideal for both short-term and long-term projects, making it a popular choice among diamond core drilling companies in Perth.

How does Diamond Core Drilling differ from other drilling methods?

Diamond drill mining differs from other geological drilling in that a solid core is extracted from deep depths in the earth, for examination on the surface.

The key technology of the diamond drilling equipment is the actual diamond bit itself. It is composed of industrial diamonds set into a soft metallic matrix. As shown on the right, the diamonds are scattered throughout the matrix, and the action relies on the matrix to slowly wear during the drilling process, to expose more diamonds.

The bit is mounted onto a core barrel which is attached to the drill string, which is connected to a rotary drill rig. Water is injected into the drill pipe, to wash out the rock cuttings produced by the bit and to reduce the heat produced due to friction which causes less wear and tear of the bits.

machinery doing exploration drilling in the Western Australian desert.

Where is Diamond Core Drilling used?

Diamond drilling services, including exploration diamond drilling, surface and underground diamond drilling, are vital techniques employed within the mining sector to investigate the contents of known ore deposits and potential sites for new mining operations.

By withdrawing a diameter core of rock from the orebody, geologists can analyse the core samples by chemical assay and conduct petrologic, structia land mineralogical studies of the rock.

diamond drill core size chart.

What drill bit sizes are used?

An actual diamond bit is a complex affair, usually designed for a specific rock type, with many channels for washing.

Diamond drilling supplies uses a diamond-encrusted drill bit (pictured on the right) to drill through the rock. The drill produces a “core” which is photographed and split longitudinally.

Half of the split core is assayed while the other half is permanently stored for future use and re-assaying if necessary.

Although a larger diameter core is the most preferred it is the most expensive.

The most common diameter sizes of core are HWT,HQ ,NQ drilling sizes.

Extraction of core using triple-tube

Merely advancing the drill by rotary action and flushing with drill mud causes a core to be extracted inside the barrel. However, at a depth of perhaps 300 m, there must be a way to retrieve the core and take it to the surface.

Constantly withdrawing the entire drilling rod string is impractical, so methods were developed to pull up the core inside the barrel. If the rock would always be solid granite, and the core would always break at the drill bit, then it would be a simple matter to stop the drilling and lower a simple grabbing device by a wire and pull up the core.

Unfortunately, many applications require an undisturbed core in fractured rock, which calls for elaborate wire-line devices.

Using a triple-tube wire-line system, capable of extracting core under the worst conditions. This is very important with cost and time saving when exploring fault zones or difficult ground conditions to stop overburden material falling back in the drill hole.

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